Mark Willits, MD

Spine Surgery
Office Location
1512 W. Colonial Dr. | Orlando , FL | 32804

Dr. Mark Willits is a trained board-certified pediatric and adult orthopedic surgeon specializing in minimally invasive (endoscopic) spine and extremities trauma surgery. Dr. Willits performs all the pain management procedures here at Premier Orthopedic. Conscious sedation is now available for patients who are anxious about needles and would like to be sedated during the procedure. The sedation is short and wears off within minutes.

Dr. Willits obtained his Bachelors’ Degree from University of Texas in Dallas and his MD from University of Texas in Houston. Dr. Willits then completed his orthopedic surgeon residency program at the John Peter Smith Hospital in the level II trauma center. Afterward, Dr.Willits obtained his pediatric orthopedic fellowship working in the level I trauma center in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital. While studying to become a surgeon and during his years of residency, Dr. Willits served as a Lieutenant Commander for the Fleet Naval Medical Unit (2004-2013).

Upon graduating in 2008, Dr. Willits quickly became the director of pediatric orthopedic surgery for the children’s hospital in Tulsa, OK and assumed the position for four years. Dr. Willits was practicing in Oklahoma for the past ten years helping countless injured patients recover from their injuries.

Dr. Willits relocated to Florida in 2018 to join our team of specialists and to help those who were injured as the result of accidents and negligence of others recover.