Betsy Dovec, MD

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Bariatric Surgery
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4901 Vineland Rd # 150 | Orlando , FL | 32811

Dr. Elizabeth "Betsy" Dovec is a distinguished Bariatric Surgeon with over ten years of experience and more than 4,400 successful Weight Loss Surgeries to her credit. She is celebrated not just for her surgical skills but also for her vibrant and compassionate involvement in the bariatric community. Dr. Dovec passionately advocates for the transformative power of bariatric surgery, aiding individuals in overcoming chronic health issues, restoring self-confidence, and achieving lasting health.

As the founder and CEO of BodyByBariatrics, Dr. Dovec has developed a premier surgical and medical obesity treatment program that has received national acclaim. She holds board certifications in general surgery and has completed prestigious fellowships, offering her expertise to patients worldwide through fully virtual consultations and continuous support. Dr. Dovec is dedicated to personalized care and sustainable outcomes, providing individuals with a pathway to lifelong wellness.