Thomas Porter, MD

Pain Management
Medical School
Ohio State University College of Medicine

Tom Porter, M.D. is a highly trained and highly experienced interventional physician who treats all painful conditions of the spine and limbs. After attending medical school at The Ohio State University he continued his medical education, completing his medical and anesthesiology residency and fellowship training at the University of South Florida specializing in Internal and Pain Medicine. He Is a member of Florida Medical Association, American Society of Anesthesiologists and American Medical Association.

Dr. Porter has been in practice in Ohio or in Florida for the past 15 years. During that time, he has established two interventional pain practices, has maintained the highest standard and has observed extraordinary high patient satisfaction. During his experience, Dr. Porter’s practice has evolved into a service oriented practice where a comprehensive patient evaluation will lead to a complete comprehensive treatment plan which may include non invasive or the most state of the art minimally invasive interventions.

Through his experience and training Dr. Porter has developed treatment protocols to help relieve painful condition and treat those individuals who have failed other treatments and those who do not desire major surgical intervention. Dr. Porter will present treatment options that may not have ever been considered at other treatment practices and may offer treatments ranging from conservative management to injections to minimally invasive spine surgery. With each patient encounter Dr. Porter strives for the best outcome and welcomes your interest.